Clone & Seedling Propagation by Jeff McConnaughey

Clone & Seedling Propagation


Industrial Hemp Clone and Seed Propagation

In this Comprehensive One-on-One session you will learn:

  1. How to cut and clone Industrial Hemp for stock plants
  2. Detailed cutting procedures and frequency
  3. Importance of cleanliness and sterilization in cloning
  4. How to use rooting solutions
  5. How to control humidity
  6. How to fertilize clones and seed starts for success
  7. How to prevent fungal diseases
  8. Proper lighting methods and scheduling
  9. How to prepare media for transplanting
  10. Sowing seed by hand or by vacuum seeding
  11. Covering and watering transplants
  12. Fertilizing hemp starts and transplants

You will receive access to (2) - Standard Operating Procedures and (1) Reference Guide upon payment and booking of this session. They are immediately available to download as PDF's.

NOTE: There are no refunds given for no-shows after completion of this One-on-One booking and access to online materials.


You will need an outline of your current processes, products you currently use and some key measurements. Also provided is a propagation questionnaire and current practices worksheet.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Gap analysis of current and future practices
  2. Material lists, supplies and sources
  3. Key success factors for staff training
  4. Action plan for process changes


Guidelines for Propagation of Industrial Hemp

Reference Guide on best practices for cloning and seeding industrial hemp for field starts.

Propagation of Industrial Hemp_v1.pdf

Propagation questionnaire

Propagation questionnaire.docx

Current Processes and Practices

Complete this worksheet of your current process.

Current Processes and Practices Worksheet.xlsx

Cloning Industrial Hemp from Mother Plants

A Standard Operating Procedure for cloning industrial hemp.

CRF SOP 12.1 Cloning_v1.pdf

Propagation of Industrial Hemp from Seed

A Standard Operating Procedure for starting industrial hemp plants from seed.

CRF SOP 12.2 Propagation from Seed_v1.pdf