Water Quality Sampling & Recommendations by Jeff McConnaughey

Water Quality Sampling & Recommendations


Water Quality Sampling, Assessment and Recommendations

In this One-on-One session you will learn how to:

  1. Identify the correct source for a water sample
  2. Determine the sample amount
  3. Handle and store samples
  4. Test for pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity
  5. List of chemical reagents
  6. Label and prepare to ship to a test lab for analysis
  7. How to log and record test results
  8. How to sample municipal vs. well water sources

You will receive access to (2) - Standard Operating Procedures immediately upon payment and booking this session. They are available as PDF's to download.

NOTE: There are no refunds given for no-shows after completion of this One-on-One booking and access to online materials.


There are no prerequisites for this booking however, it is helpful if you can be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is your water source?
  • How many acres do you plan to irrigate?
  • Do you currently have an irrigation system in place?
  • What is the flow rate? Cubic Feet per Second. Acre feet per day etc..
  • Do you have an Ag University in your state that does water tests?


Water Quality Sampling Procedure

The Standard Operating Procedure for Sampling of Irrigation Water Sources.

CRF SOP 9.2 Water Sampling Procedure_v1.pdf

Assessment of Irrigation Water Quality

The Standard Operating Procedure for Assessing the Water Sample Lab Results.

CRF SOP 9.1 Assessment of Irrigation Water Quality_v1.pdf