Stock Plant Care by Jeff McConnaughey

Stock Plant Care


Industrial Hemp Stock Plant Care

In this One-on-One session you will learn:

  1. How to select needed supplies: trays, flats etc.
  2. Overview of soil trays versus plugs
  3. How to select the right propagation equipment: mats, domes, racks
  4. How to select and use the proper lights for vegging
  5. Controlling light in greenhouses during transplanting
  6. Light cycle scheduling for vegging and flowering.
  7. Light deprivation systems
  8. Energy curtains and moveable insulation
  9. Greenhouse watering systems using irrigation pumps
  10. When to use micro-sprayers
  11. Installing multi-zone timers
  12. How to correctly fertilize young hemp plants
  13. Broadcast spreading fertilizer prior to field transplanting
  14. Raided beds: Using bed shapers
  15. Transplanting with water wheel planters

You will receive access to (1) - Standard Operating Procedure and (1) Reference Guides upon payment and booking of this session. They are immediately available to download as PDF's.

NOTE: There are no refunds given for no-shows after completion of this One-on-One booking and access to online materials.


You will need an outline of your current process, products you currently use some key measurements. A worksheet is included for you to complete.

Additionally we include the Chimney Rock SOP on plant propagation.


  1. Improvement tasks
  2. Action plant for process changes


CRF Guide: Stock Plant Care

Reference guide to propagating and caring for industrial hemp in greenhouses and hoop houses.

Stock Plant Care_v1.pdf

CRF SOP 13.4: Maintaining Vegetative Growth

Standard Operating Procedure for maximizing vegetative growth.

CRF SOP 13.4 Maintaining Vegetative Growth_v1.pdf

Current Processes and Practices

Complete this worksheet of your current process.

Current Processes and Practices Worksheet.xlsx