Soil Analysis and Recommendations by Jeff McConnaughey

Soil Analysis and Recommendations


Soil Sampling, Analysis and Recommendations

In this One-on-One session you will learn how to:

  1. Choose the right locations to sample
  2. How to much soil to sample
  3. How to homogenize similar sample locations
  4. Tools and techniques to take a sample.
  5. Testing for soil organic matter
  6. What to ask the lab for for in a soil test
  7. Label and prepare to ship to a test lab for analysis
  8. How to log and record test results
  9. How to interpret lab results
  10. Key success factors for Industrial Hemp

This session does not have downloadable content available yet so you are booking a consultation only.

NOTE: There are no refunds given for no-shows after completion of this One-on-One booking.


A prior year test results would be helpful.