Plant Nutrition by Jeff McConnaughey

Plant Nutrition


Best practices in plant nutrition and fertilization.


You will need an outline of your current process, products you currently use some key measurements. A worksheet is included for you to complete.

Additionally we include the Chimney Rock SOP on plant propagation.


  1. Improvement tasks
  2. Action plant for process changes


CRF Guide: Fertilizer Recommendations for Industrial Hemp

Reference Guide to fertilize industrial hemp for optimum plant nutrition.

Fertilizer Recommendations for Industrial Hemp_v1.pdf

CRF SOP 8.5: Foliar Spraying

Standard Operating Procedure for foliar spraying.

CRF SOP 8.5 Foliar Spraying_v1.pdf

Current Processes and Practices.

Complete this worksheet of your current process.

Current Processes and Practices Worksheet.xlsx